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TracePro.Org is Growing and still In Business As Usual Since 18th July  2016, In Trading a Variety of Products But This Time Doing Business Differently with MLMs & Other Manufacturing Companies. We Trade in Cosmetics, Sneakers, Smartphones, Clothing & Covid -19 Related Products. Our Clients Select a Range of Bulk Products They Wish To Purchase and We Source Buyers &  Sell For Them Until  Sales Are Fully Paid. Clients Receive Their Profits After Receipting Of Sales.   

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OBJECTIVES: Please Refer To  Our Business Model.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: By  Completing & Submitting  The Product Order Form, You Agree To Our Terms & Conditions Laid out As Follows: 

1. You Agree To Allow TracePro.Org To Become Your Trusted Agent That Acts On Your Behalf To Negotiate Sales Of Your Orders, Products Or Services In Africa & Overseas.

2. You Agree To Allow TracePro.Org To Reach Markets That You Could Not Target Economically. 

3. You Agree & Trust TracePro.Org To Work With Other Agents On Your Behalf, In Overseas Markets As They Have Existing Customers, Contacts, Relationships & Understands Business Cultures & Practices. 

4. You Agree That All Proceeds Are Paid To TracePro.Org and Transferred To You After Commissions. Time Frame Of Receipt Of Sales Can Not  Be Guaranteed, However Our Clients Will Be Notified When Receipts Are Ready To Be Paid. 

5. You Have The Right To Your Full Refunds If Product Sales Fail. Any Refunds Demanded For Any Other Reasons Will Incur A 20% Charge & Issued In  3 Days.

6. You Have A Choice To  Receive Actual  Product Orders & Sell For Yourself.

7. If Opted To Receive Products, You Will Bare The Costs Of Freight  Charges & Government Taxes Of Your Country.

8. Payments: Any Crypto Currency will not be  allowed in the Trade or Purchase  Of Any Product Orders. The following Methods Of Payments are accepted: Paypal, Western Union, Bank Wiring or EFT & Credit Ca


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